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Forget about traditional extensions and transform your hair with Klix.

Klix is a simple, fast and unique patented application process that provides natural, beautiful hair.

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What others have to say:

I’ve been using Klix in my salon (with great success!) for over five years now. It’s a time-saving and economical solution that I can confidently recommend for 90% of my clients who love the simplicity in application and maintenance. Their sales and customer service team is outstanding. I highly recommend Klix – as a stylist and as a client.” 

— Lindsay Mills-Steffe

“I love Klix, they have totally changed the hair extensions game. The constant feedback from my clients has been nothing but stellar. They are my go to glam accessory for my clients and me.”

— Samantha Proffer

“As an extension wearer along with being a stylist I have found Klix to be the safest method of hair extensions to date. No glue, no heat, no damage and the quality of hair is exceptional. My clients absolutely love this brand and the ease of how fast the process is. It doesn’t hurt that the customer service is beyond amazing as well. I’ve been using Klix now for 6+ years and never looked back!”

— Lisa Smolensky

I have tried numerous hair extensions. on myself as well as my clients and nothing beats Klix Hair Extensions!!! Beautiful hair, fast application time, comfortable feel, everything you want hair extensions to be!!! Would not recommend any other brand! My clients love them!!”

— Sarah Keys