Client FAQs

We’ve highlighted some of the most common questions that we receive and answered them for you. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please contact our team for further assistance.

How can I purchase Klix?

In order to purchase Klix Hair Extensions, you must be a licensed cosmetologist and be certified in our application method by taking one of our classes.

How do I find a Klix Certified Stylist?

You can visit the Salon Locator on our website, enter your zip code or city and it will show you a map with the salons nearest to you.  It will also show you the salons name, address, phone number, website (if available), and each stylists name who is certified at that salon.  You want to make sure that you make a consultation appointment with a Klix Certified Stylist.

There aren’t any Klix Certified Stylist’s near me. How can I get Klix?

We certify new stylists monthly so you can either keep checking our Salon Locator, or you can ask your stylist to look into getting certified for you.  Your stylist can visit our website or contact us directly for information.

Can anyone wear Klix?

Clients with normal to thick hair can usually wear Klix Hair Extensions.  Not all products are for all people and we at Klix are firm believers in that philosophy.  Some clients with very fine hair, or fine and silky textured hair may not be good candidates for Klix, which is why a consultation with a Certified Klix Stylist is very important.

Can I wear my hair up while wearing Klix?

Yes.  Your stylist should ask you how you like to wear your hair up and they can adjust the placement of Klix.  Wearing your hair in a low ponytail instead of a high ponytail is generally gentler to the extensions and your own natural hair.

Can I brush and style my hair like I normally do while wearing Klix?

Your stylist will suggest the proper products and brushing techniques to use while wearing Klix.  Using a brush with a combination of natural boar and nylon bristles is our preferred brush style.  Using good quality salon products is also recommended.  Again, your stylist will be able to advise you on all of the maintenance requirements.

Are there any side effects associated with wearing hair extensions?

As with anything that we put onto/into our bodies that we weren’t born with, there can occasionally be side effects.  Just as there is no way to predict what kind of reaction a user might experience from hair dyes, cosmetics, contact lenses and liquids, etc., there is no way to predict whether a client might experience an adverse reaction to Klix.  Below is the most common side effect associated with most types of hair extensions.  Your Certified Klix Stylist should review all possible side effects with you during your consultation and don’t be afraid to ask if they forget.

72 hour discomfort.  For many people the first seventy two hours of wearing extensions can be uncomfortable, ranging from mild to severe.  They might experience mild headaches, itching and/or general soreness.  Remember, you will be carrying extra weight on your head and it may take you a few days to get used to it.  Usually after 72 hours you’ll wake up in the morning and forget that you’re wearing them.  Mild pain relievers such as Tylenol,  Advil,  Aleve, etc., are often sufficient in relieving mild pain and discomfort.  If you are still uncomfortable after 72 hours you should contact your stylist.  Your stylist may be able to adjust or loosen them to make them more comfortable for you

Does Klix have latex on the weft?

The skin-like weft on Klix products is coated with polyurethane and contains no latex.

Can I wear Klix through TSA at the airport or wear them during a CAT scan?

We have never had anyone report a problem at the airport.  As for any medical tests, we recommend discussing this with your physician or the technician administering the scan.  We have been told by a technician that if the scan is for the head area they would have to be removed because the links would appear on the test results and render them useless.  You should tell the technician that our links are made of aluminum.

How much do Klix cost?

There is no way for us to tell you how much your service will cost because you need to make an appointment with a Certified Klix Stylist to have a consultation.  Consultations are usually free and don’t take much time at all.  The stylist will make sure that Klix are a good option for your hair type and usually ask you the following questions:  what you hope to achieve by wearing Klix, what your normal hair care routine and lifestyle is, and they will review after care and maintenance with you.  After you both decide to move forward with Klix, the stylist will choose a color from our color swatch ring with you and the stylist will decide how much hair they will need to achieve your desired results.  Your stylist should give you a quote for the initial application and for the maintenance visits which are required every 4-6 weeks.

How long do Klix last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can usually expect Klix to last for between 4 and 6 months.  Many factors play into how long hair extensions last such as water, products, chemical services, activities, heat from styling tools, brushing, and proper maintenance.   Some people may be able to wear them a little less and others a little longer.