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Note: Klix certifies individual stylists. Not all stylists in each salon that offers klixTENSIONS may be certified to apply Klix Hair Extensions. Each certified klixTENSIONIST has received a Klix ID card and number specific to him/her. You can ask to see their ID card to confirm that they are certified to apply Klix Hair Extensions. When you call to schedule your consultation appointment, please be sure to ask for a certified klixTENSIONIST.


Klix doesn’t use 3rd party distributor’s, your stylist can only place orders for Klix Hair Extensions directly with us. Your stylist should use our Klix Color Swatch Ring with the Klix logo on it to choose the color hair that they will order for you. Our company logo and patent number is on our packaging along with a photo of a model wearing Klix Hair Extensions. The color number and texture of the Klix Hair Extensions will be printed on the front of the package near the model’s photo, as well as, on a sticker at the bottom of the package.

Please contact Klix Hair, Inc. if you have any concerns regarding the authenticity of the Klix Hair Extensions that you are wearing or to verify that your stylist is certified through us.

Please Note: Klix Hair, Inc. makes every effort to keep our Salon Locator up to date. Occasionally a stylist will change salons and forget to inform us so that we can update our Salon Locator. If you contact a salon from our Salon Locator that informs you that they no longer have a stylist certified to apply Klix we would appreciate it if you would notify us so that we can make the necessary updates to our website. You can contact us at: Thank you.

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