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klix User Guide-Front Cover

User Guide,
published 2017 


  • We now offer color #25 Ombre’ in halfPAX 22″
  • New Klix and Deux Luxe² Price and Availability Sheet as of May 1, 2018.
  • Klix Hair was featured in a great article from WMagazine. Click here to read.
  • Dear klixTENSIONIST’s,The global economy has continued to change in ways unfavorable to products made in China.  As the Chinese economy continues to skyrocket so have their labor costs, especially in the manufacturing sector.  As labor costs continue to increase more and more, residents of rural farming communities move to large cities.  These rural people (I’m talking about 100’s of millions of people) used to supplement their incomes by growing and selling their beautiful virgin hair.  True virgin hair in longer lengths is in higher demand and not as readily available.  When combining higher labor costs with a higher demand you can imagine what’s happening to prices.  Over the past two years we have received several price increases and have held our prices as long as possible without raising our prices to you.  Unfortunately, we can hold on no longer.As of May 1st, we will be raising our prices as follows;$375 – Full Packages 18”
  • $225 – halfPAX 18” – Regular colors
    $235 – halfPAX 18” – Ombre’ and Rooted colors
    $245 – halfPAX 22” – Regular colors
    $255 – halfPAX 22” – Ombre’ and Rooted colorsWe will post our new prices on our website in the klixTENSIONIST’s Only section, we will do an email blast with an updated Price and Availability list, you will also receive a printed copy with each order, and finally we will remind you of the price when you place orders.We are working hard with our manufacturers to find a long-term solution to this problem. We are hopeful that our manufacturers will begin to move their manufacturing to true first world nations with low labor costs. We believe that it’s just a matter of time for that to occur. Thank you for your understanding and know that we are always working to try and maintain our prices whenever possible.
    Best regards,
    David M. Rubenstein, President
    Klix Hair, Inc
  • We are happy to announce that we have developed a new clip-in hair extensions!  Deux Luxe² Clip-In Hair Extensions are made of 130 grams of hair on two wefts sewn together.   Deux Luxe² comes in 15 colors from our Klix color swatch ring.  As a certified stylist we are giving you a 20% discount and doing everything that we can to drive business to you. All stylist that have placed an order in the last 18 months will be listed on our Salon Locator, and if you haven’t placed an order lately but would like to be on the Salon Locator please let us know.  For more information you can go to the website www.deuxluxehair.com.
  • Once again, we listened to your requests and we have added four new colors to our line. Color #32 is a cool brown.  Colors #32, 34 and 35 are all rooted colors with the top two inches being darker.  We have two blondes and a brunette and they are beautiful.  Click here for a photo of our rooted colors.
  • Our new tool kit includes an opening tool, closing tool, super tool, two metal pulling hooks with one metal handle, and scissors to cut the weft.  Our new closing tool had ridges in it to help grip the links better.  You can purchase the tools individually or order the whole kit.  The kit comes secured in a padded, black zippered case. $70
  • We have also updated our Client Maintenance Sheet for Klix.
  • Our Klix User guide is updated, just click on the Users’s guide in the top right corner of this page.
  • Check out our new Before and After page You can now submit your Before and After photos to us and we may post post them along with your name, salon and contact information.  Share your work and give potential new clients another reason to contact you.
  • Check out our new Klix Hair Banner under Marketing.  We will split the cost with you as part of our 10th Anniversary special.
  • We will now be listing each stylist’s name under their salon listing on our Salon Locator.  Please contact Heather at heather@klixhair.com to update your salon information if you have moved or changed salons.
  • Klix Comb Klips.  Tired of the jumbled mess of hair on your tray?  Our new stainless steel Comb Klips easily clip onto the side of your tray and give you a place to hang the extensions.    Sold as a set of 4 in their own zip up case; $30.New Client Pamphlets and acrylic pamphlet holder.  Provide your clients with all they need to know about Klix.  We also have available an acrylic pamphlet holder (supplied upon request) to set on your station or front desk.  Running low?  Call us and we’ll send you more!
  • Check out the video “Ten Reasons to Love Klix” by Christopher Box