COVID-19 Klixtensionist Support

Dear klixTENSIONIST’s,

First and foremost, we hope that you are all safe and well.  As many parts of the country are now under various forms of self-isolation or sheltering in place by order of your local government, we are now finding ourselves in unchartered waters.  Businesses are either closed or soon may be, everyone is scrambling for necessities, we’re trying to care for our most vulnerable, and life is not as we’ve ever known it to be. We hope, as you all do, that this passes as quickly as possible and that we all stay well.

Not to take away from the seriousness of what we’re all going through currently, but some of our Klix certified stylists and Klix clients have been reaching out to us with concerns that we have thought long and hard about.  We think it’s fair to say that at some point in your careers you’ve experienced a “hair emergency” or maybe even two (wink, wink). With so many stylists in so many states not able to maintain their extension clients, obviously this causes concern for the many clients wearing Klix currently.  Here are the two main concerns that we’re hearing;  

  1. It’s been 4-6 weeks without a move-up and I’m worried that my natural hair will get damaged.
  2. My extensions need to come out because:  
    1. I have a medical emergency (think MRI) and need my Klix removed -or- 
    2. My extensions are ready to be removed because they are spent and starting to slip out.

We would like to address both issues to offer you some support ideas for your clients.  We don’t expect all stylists will agree with our thoughts, and that’s ok, but we want you to know that we have thought hard on this and we don’t have anything else that we can physically offer you or your clients during this time of social distancing.  

We also want to make it clear, that we will not be addressing this offer with clients directly.  We will only advise clients who contact us home care suggestions and if they need anything else to reach out to their salon or stylist directly.  As you know, we try at all costs not to get involved with your clients. We are only sharing our offer to you so that you know that it’s there if you have a “hair emergency” and you need to take us up on it.  Right now, we feel helpless as a company, and we know that many of you do also because you care deeply about your business and client’s. Stylists in some areas are still able to do hair, we suggest that you contact your extension clients to do their maintenance or removal as soon as possible because there may come a time that you can’t for a few weeks.

Please, I urge you to read everything twice so that you don’t misinterpret anything. As always, if you have questions please reach out to us.  

Please stay well, take care of yourselves and your family, and we can’t wait to get back to business as usual when this has passed. 

Very Sincerely, 


Klix Hair, Inc.


Hair Emergency Details

Before we get to our “hair emergency” offer we want to make sure that you all understand that we feel that your Klix education is very valuable and in no way do we intend to devalue that or take you, as a trained professional, for granted. These are not normal circumstances for anyone, and we are only offering this as a last resort. We as a company and you as a professional want to do whatever we can to ensure that our Klix clients are taken care of as best as we can with limited to no access to them. We will only be offering this for a limited time until isolations are over and we are all back to business as normal. Again, we understand that you will do everything in your power to assist your clients and this is the only way that we can help you.

NOTE: This is ONLY FOR REMOVALS. This does not apply to move-ups!

If your client is in danger of damaging their natural hair because they are long over-due for maintenance and will be under isolation or stay in place for weeks to come, or if they are having a medical emergency and need their Klix removed immediately, at your request -and only at your request- we will send them both of our opening tools (absolutely no pulling needles or closing tools) on loan (they don’t get to keep them) so that you can instruct them via video chat how to REMOVE their Klix Hair Extensions. We feel that if one of these two circumstances arise that it would be better to use our opening tools instead of their husband going at them with pliers and causing more damage.

We know that some of you are shocked at this offer, so please read it again to make sure that you didn’t mis-read anything before you ask us questions. It was a tough decision, but we want to be able to support our Klix Family in the only way we can currently. I know some of you are getting bombarded with requests from clients to just run over to your house and infect your family so they can still look good. I did read one idea on Facebook to just cough into the phone when they call – that was my personal favorite.

Back to seriousness, there is absolutely no way that we would send the full tool set to anyone not certified to apply Klix – PERIOD. We would only send out both of our opening tools along with a self-addressed, stamped, return mailer so that they can return them to us. Our hope is that very few of you need to use this option, but we want to help you keep your clients with emergencies the only way we can during this crisis. Hopefully you won’t need to use this, but if you do, we’re here for you and will handle this as quickly as we can.

Here is how our “hair emergency” during isolation will work:


  1. This is only for REMOVAL of Klix Hair Extensions. We do not and will not condone a client doing their own move-ups under ANY circumstances.
  2. You must be able to do a live video chat with your client.
  3. We will only offer this after you consult with your client via video chat or see photos and determine that removal of Klix Hair Extensions is the only option that you have. Offer up our extended home care suggestions first to see if they may hold them over. NOTE: Please advise your clients that you may or may not be able to re-apply the Klix that they are wearing. That is your call as their stylist. Some stylists have told us that they will try to reapply them, others won’t and will insist their clients get a new set. This is something that you need to discuss with your client so that there are no surprises later.
  4. Contact Klix directly. We will remain open with at least one employee Monday – Friday from 9am until 5pm Eastern time 877-BUY-KLIX (877-289-5549).
  5. Explain that your client has no choice but to remove their Klix and make sure to have your clients full name, mailing address and phone number with you (don’t forget apartment numbers).
  6. We will mail out both opening tools; the pliers with the hole and the super tool incase a link gets crushed. We will also include a self-addressed, stamped, return shipping pouch.
  7. We will include a letter to your client stating that they should contact you immediately to set up a time for a video chat so that you can explain how to use the tools. We will also explain that we need the tools returned immediately.
  8. If you want to try and reapply the extensions that are removed, we can also include head drawings and a labeling system that your client can use to mark where each weft was in their head before they removed them. We will ask you if you want us to include them when you call.


For details on our current hours and shipping deadlines, please visit our Hours and Shipping Page.